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This calculator solves for various operating parameters for pumps. To use this utility, first select which variable you wish to solve for by selecting its appropriate radio button. The grey text box indicates which variable is currently being solved for. The calculation will begin when the remaining four parameters are input. The form updates every time a key is pressed or drop down select box is changed. This calculation has the ability to accept various units which are selectable from the drop down selection boxes to the right of each corresponding variable. Units may be updated at any time and the form will be recalculated. The user may also change which variable they wish to solve for at any time. When entering values less than 1, please enter the number with a preceding zero...in other words instead of entering .123, please enter 0.123.

The pumping portion of the form calculates the estimated pumping costs. The user must first enter the pumping criteria in the power calculation. After the pump power is calculated, enter the energy costs and select the appropriate energy unit. The user may wish to select a different pumping amount and units. Both fields are updated after any changes are made. The user may select units of diesel fuel or automotive gasoline. These energy costs are based on the energy content of each fuel source. Please remember to account for engine efficiencies to get an accurate cost.


This pump power and electrical cost calculator is based on the following equation:

Pump Power Equation

P ~ Power, HP
Q ~ Flow Rate, GPM
H ~ Total Dynamic Head, Feet-Water
η ~ Efficiency, %

The 3960 found in the denominator of the equation is a conversion factor for the given units.

Electrical costs are calculated in the background by first calculating the time to pump the given amount of fluid.This time is then multiplied by the calculated power which yields the amount of energy required to pump that specific amount of fluid. This energy figure is then multiplied by the cost per energy value input by the user. Note that all conversions required are handled automatically by the form.

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